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  • Goals-Based Comprehensive Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Management and Oversight of Investment and Retirement Accounts
  • Retirement Savings & Income Planning
  • Ongoing Planning and Investment Account Reviews
  • 2nd Opinion and Recommendation on Existing Investment Accounts


Scott Financial Planning and Investments LLC is a full-service independent financial services firm committed to helping individuals and business owners pursue their financial goals. We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with our clients and to providing comprehensive solutions with personalized, independent financial advice and investment management. We strive to provide clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the financial planning resources, products and services that we offer. Our local Asheville office is staffed with an experienced support team that is committed to providing excellence in client relations.


Retirement Planning

The goal of investing is to ensure financial security later in life. Whether you’re approaching or already enjoying retirement, we can help you bring pieces of your financial life together to reflect your goals and dreams. We have had over 25 years of experience in serving as a retirement consultant to individual clients and businesses. We know you are busy and need professional advice to formulate a comprehensive strategy best suited to your unique needs, one that is designed to shepherd you beyond the accumulation phase and into retirement.


Investment Planning

At Scott Financial Planning and Investments LLC, we believe in customizing each client’s investments to match their unique risk concerns and overall personal and financial goals. We have learned that everyone brings their own special perspective, experiences and goals for us to understand. We will work with you to make the needed adjustments to reflect the current economic environment and your changing needs. We believe in balancing the inherent risks of investing along with your goals, while striving for an underlying value of wealth preservation and long-term growth. We take your investment planning seriously and will guide you each stop of the way, creating a comprehensive strategy that may include recommendations for investment, retirement and estate planning. We expect your life to change and will continually monitor your financial progress and review your plan with you on a regular basis.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process in which we work with you to capture your values, passions and intentions. Our knowledge and creative approach allows us to help you clarify your goals and identify the strategies that will help you achieve them. Once we know and understand you and your goals, we will work to develop a financial plan which will be our “big picture map” for your financial journey.